MTV Animotion - ‘Orchid Box’



Four Characters

The Have-little Written by Migdalia Cruz.

The Mating Dance

The Poem


Production Work

The Bedbug (Klop)

Sweeney Agonistes

Slithis Too (aka The Incredibly Strange People Show)

The Last Supper

Life of Billy

The East Goes West Festival,

The Gate Theatre London


The SMArt Exhibition,

Diorama Arts Centre

The Open Cabin Workshops

The Tempest by W.Shakespeare

Theatre Memory Symposium Backstage Tour

Directing Work

(see below for writing and production work)

Performance Work

(on others’ productions)

Other education and workshops

Commercial MTV Animotion: this submission - titled 'Orchid Box' - was sent to MTV Animotion, for an ad competition by MTV Networks Europe, to promote Nordic talent via one of their trademark spots.

Responsibilities: direction and all post (Photoshop, Sketchup, Sketchup, After Effects and Final Cut Pro). The track is 'Orchid Queen' by the Similou.

Short Geistertrio - taking Samuel Beckett's television play Ghost Trio as inspiration, this short develops the theme of existentialist isolation, the past lives and spirit of a room. It is not an adaptation, but explores through asymmetric narration a possible murder and selected materials of Beckett.

Geistertrio toured the festival circuit and was shown at the Platforma Festival Athens, AFIA, the Seoul International Film Festival  (winner - best interactive/web short, international competition) and the Cannes Film Festival.

Responsibilities: writing, direction, camera (with Lindsay Gear), music and editing. With Alex Gear; voice-over by Lindsay Gear, and sound design by Oskari Moilanen.

Theatre Persona was the British Premiere of Ingmar Bergman's classic film, reworking the piece into a modern context of cultural hybridity and rejection of past personal choices - a mixed-race child.

This play further explores the theme of identity, which began with adapting ‘sex, lies and videotape’. Here, instead of working on the creation of identity, exactly the opposite - the erosion of it - is explored.

Responsibilities: direction, adaptation. With Katherine Kerrow, Andrew Rasheed and Kate Dineen. Lighting by Rachel Nicholson, set by Nigel Hook and sound design by Oskari Moilanen.

Click here for notes/sketches and here for the proposal text.

Theatre  Four Characters - the theatrical premiere of Steven Soderbergh's ‘sex, lies and videotape’ together with  Luigi Pirandello's ‘Six Characters in search of an Author’ in a new piece exploring suburban ennui and role-play.

“A relationship begins with its pathology.

Identity begins with its histories.”

Responsibilities: direction, adaptation, sound design. With Lois Roberts, Chad Townsend, Dominic Crozet and Nilofar Emami. Lighting by Pete Baker.

Click here for the programme and notes and here for the adaptation text.

Theatre The Mating Dance- A one-act absurdist melodrama written for a Japanese messiah, Freud, death-row convict and three photographs. Created for the Performance Night Platform in London. Responsibilities: direction, writing/devising.

Click here for text.

Theatre The Have-little (abridged) Lillian is 14. She is from the South Bronx. A creative mind, but without the tools to escape an environment that will seal her fate. Michi, Lillian's friend, is getting out. She sees the lives of Hispanic families as ruined by the lack of education. Carmen, Lillian's mother, hates Michi: she's a troublemaker.

Responsibilities: direction. With Victoria Morton, Willemijn Lamp and Rebecca Verling. Lighting by Jytte Basler.

Theatre ?This is America explores the background for US immigration from various corners of the world.Can immigrants fit the mould American assimilation has created, or is the true America – that of their dreams – only waking up from its slumber?

Responsibilities: ?This is America  was devised and written by the group and co-directed with Adel Abas for The Action Group D, as part of shows on contemporary identities of Northern Americans.

With Polly Henson, Dionne Atwill, Anna Gallagher and Richard Morris.

Theatre The Tempest (abridged) An ingénue Miranda is confronted by the men in her life.

Responsibilities: direction. With Laura Rugg, Jess Collett and Eirin Jansen. 

Production assistant on this zombie-fest of a film directed by Jason de l’Orme for Powercage films.

'Aftermath' (Director: Ben Morris)     

Production runner for short film for 5films / NFTS

Series of physical theatre workshops at Rose Bruford College run by post-graduates; member.of team.

Lighting design exercise for Heiner Muller’s Hamlet Machine (designed for the  Ustinov Studio space at Theatre Royal Bath).

Click here for initial lighting sketches

Lighting and set design plans for 3 scenes for "El Publico" by Frederico Garcia Lorca

A box set miniature for Samuel Barber's Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (Allegro) - used as a workshop minimalist set example at UCLA. Click here for images of the set.

Chamber Music by Arthur Kopit (with Tamar Orr)  lighting, set and poster.

Short film on surrealism by Myriam Reis.

Community Theatre at the Diorama Arts Centre, London. Director: Ali Campbell

Russian-language production of Mayakovsky’s The Bedbug - Arts Theatre, Queen Mary College, London  - roles: David/young man with book

‘Fragments of an Aristophanic melodrama’

TS Eliot’s fragmented play from the jazz-age for rhythmic language directed by Nesta Jones - role: Sam Wauchope

Short film by Mazdak Nassir about a routined man and a surprise landing of a suitcase. DoP Teppo Högman

The Performance Nights Platform


The Aftermath

Education and Formal training,

Grants and Affiliations

?This is America by The Action Group D (co-director Adel Abas)

1st AD on short film about two mothers and motherhood. Director: Elin Danielsen (ePareli Productions) ,

DoP Danny Gagatt.

With Kelly Hardwick, Helen Prescott. Images here

Technical work including Russian translating for Summer festival in Russian and Slavic theatre at The Gate. Producer: Philippe Lemoine.

A night of Nelson Rodriguez

Lighting operator for night of Brazilian scenes by playwright Nelson Rodriguez at the Peoples Palace, Mile End London

Stage manager (with Kate Barker) for The Performance Nights platform, curated by Lois Weaver of The Split Britches theatre company.

A season of performance pieces, short shows and platform talks.

Ensemble-directed physical theatre piece on prostitutes, lawyers and war-torn homes from the point of view of a child.

1940s a peek-behind-the-scenes repertoire theatre show (for a production of King Lear) for the Theatre Memory Symposium at Rose Bruford College. Role: Alphonse Bennett, the stage manager.

MA Directing

Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama

BA Drama with Russian

Queen Mary University of London

Helsinki School of Economics
Entrepreneurship for the Creative Arts program

University of Industrial Arts, Helsinki (TaiK) Entrepreneurship for Artists program

The Marketing Institute, Porvoo, Finland

Entrepreneurship course

Various animation screenwriting and storyboarding workshops:

- Animation screenwriting by Jymn Magon (Disney, Gigglebug)

- Animation storyboarding by Paulo Alvarado (Disney, Rovio)

- Animation layout by Janne Korsumäki (Gigglebug, Rovio)

- Life drawing by Samantha Youssef (Disney, Studio Techique) and the artist Petteri Vihavainen.

- 3D, VR and game storytelling by Mark Cordell Holmes (Pixar, 3rd Eye Studios)

- Animation sound design (Salla Hämäläinen, Rovio) 

Chris Jones’s Film Makers Masterclass, Living Spirit Pictures, Ealing Studios

Theatre Policy and Management, Theatre Entrepreneurship (with Lou Stein, founder of the Gate Theatre)

Philosophical aesthetics and art history at Turku and Helsinki Universities and Comparative religious studies at Helsinki University

Circus Media / Theatre Venture

25th Anniversary DVD

Editor for Arts Organisation on their 25th anniversary DVD, compiling past productions.

God’s Letter

Editor on pop promo for singer-songwriter Dave Loughran for his track God’s letter (two versions). D.U. Productions / Motivation Records


Member of:

The Directors’ Guild of Great Britain (DGGB), London

The Trade Union for Theatre and Media Finland (Teme)

Kopiosto, the Finnish copyright society

Board member of:

The Union of Film and Media Employees Finland (SET), 2012-16 Finnish Film & Audiovisual Export (Favex), 2015

Participation while a student:

Student representative of the Russian Dept., QM, London
The NT100/playmates focus group, the National Theatre, London


Rigger/ Prod. runner on Sally Potter’s latest feature (Adventure Pictures)

The Bush-McCain Challenge

Runner on pro-democrat Public Service Announcement shot on RED ( with John Cusack (dir. Evan Bernard for Bikini Films))

Strange Beast

Record label/artist research for Strange Beast, Passion’s sister company

Passion Pictures + SSSR

Production Assistant on pop promo for US band Thursday (dir. Yu Sato/SSSR for Passion)

- General duties, opening/closing the office, props etc.

The Love Commercials Production Company

1st AD, Cameraperson, Production Assistant

1. Motorola ROKR E8 “Music DNA” viral dir. Jon Riche

- 1st AD - discussed with HODs and Producer, created shooting schedule and 1st AD’ed on shoot.

2. “Football” commercial for NEXT dir. Lindy Heymann

- Shooting screen test + mock up footage with Agency present, for NEXT clothing shop commercial.

  1. 3.“Meccano” pop promo by Red Light Company

dir. Casper Balslev

- various prop/wardrobe purchases for promo


  1. -Consulting on Power Mac purchases, Final Cut Pro and

After Effects

- Advertising agency research


Macbook Pro, Huion Pen display, Scrivener, Highland 2, Resolve/Fusion, FCP7, Storyboarder, Clip Studio EX, Affinity Designer, Blender. Basic Avid, TVPaint, Photoshop, After Effects, MM Scheduling & camera skills.

Other skills

Widely travelled. Bilingual in English and Finnish, with knowledge of other languages: Swedish, Russian, German, Dutch. Excellent teamwork and organisational abilities. A lot of experience with actors, workshop situations and problem solving.

Confident with computers (Mac and PC) including production and post software; basic Avid, Lightworks and Davinci Resolve skills. Basic Illustrator vector and InDesign skills and basic-to- intermediate Photoshop/After Effects (roto, tracking, compositing, animating). Competent in Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.

At home with Screenwriter/Final Draft/Fountain syntax. Working knowledge of Movie Magic Scheduling and Excel. Experience of stop motion animation, storyboarding and a variety of cameras and lenses.

Wilder Films

Production/ Edit Assistant

- preparing festival delivery items

- booking international couriers

- ordering office consumables

- sending off approved press releases

- sourcing and hiring edit decks

- digitising and sorting footage for corporate project (DV)

- working on HDV rushes with Director Claire Lewin on external

  presentation for BBC Storyville.

- creating numerous showreel DVDs (including covers, inserts) and mood boards for pitches around the world. 

- updating tape library database in Filemaker Pro

- various technical support (Mac/ PC)

- image and video research

Feel Films

In-house Editor

DVD Showreel work, Photoshop work on images for Director John Selby’s introductory press release.

Feel Films

Production runner on commercial for the IPA ‘Adeaters’

(dir. Catherine Farrow/)

Zodiak Television / Jarowskij Finland

Short Dreams, ambitions; thirst. This emotional narrative piece was a submission for the Gettyimages competition Mishmash. It was created entirely from archival footage, on the theme of various kinds of thirst; dreams, ambitions (for us and our children), thirst for knowledge, fame and finding our place in the world.

Responsibilities: direction, editing. 

Music: Caccini - Deh, deh, dove son fuggiti Madrigale modello (by the Accademia Claudio Monteverdi, Hans Ludwig Hirsch) and Rain by Mind & Soul.


2nd Assistant Director on the Television Drama ‘Sydänjää’ (Frozen Hearts) - 12 x 45min Drama in Finnish

2nd AD + taking over the sourcing and directing of roughly a hundred extras on set and location, in intimate and large scenes; related expenditures / paperwork; assistant and stand-by for the First AD.

Commercial Animated spot for Chaya, the newest and freshest tea shop in Finland. 

Responsibilities: direction, After Effects animation.

Chaya - ‘Petals’

Writing, Adaptation and Translation

Screenwriting Plasticine: a book and screenplay development tool.

Plasticine received concept and project funding from AVEK (the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture) and is currently under work. Please click here for samples, and here for video, including images and the following chapters: Introduction, Aristotle, Syd Field.

Screenwriting Divine Consultants 54x1" animation series created and produced by Juha Fiilin and the Finnish national broadcaster YLE. Working as a screenwriter on the series storylines and episodes.

Commercial The Girl from Ipanema goes Sushi? Well, perhaps. The first in a pair of commercials for the Anywhere Theatre Festival in Brisbane, Australia. Celebrating theatre, and imagination, anywhere.

Responsibilities: direction, stop motion animation, music.

Anywhere - ‘Sushi’

Commercial Another spot for the Anywhere Fest in Brisbane, based on the idea of flash mobs and Lascia ch’io pianga from Georg Friedrich Händel’s opera Rinaldo. With the multi-talented Manuela Bosco and Bach Co Tran. Responsibilities: direction, scheduling, storyboarding, camera (with Co Tran), music, editing and After Effects compositing.

Click here for storyboards.

Anywhere - ‘Favourite Opera’

Past academic studies include (click below links for essays):

Anton Chekhov’s Ariadna and The Bride

Maria Irene Fornes’s The Conduct of Life

Akira Kurosawa’s Shakespeare (Kumonosu-Jo)

Caridad Svich’s Phantom Patria

Iconoclasm of identity in Hispanic Drama

Nikita Khrushchev - politicians as performers

Men and feminism

Sankai Juku (Paris/Tokyo)

The philosophies of Vladimir Solovyov and Mikhail Bakhtin

Sally Potter and the Trans-historical Self

Sarah Bernhardt’s arrival in London 

Other Experience

Short Atmospheric short about an afternoon in Porvoo. Responsibilities: direction, camera, editing.

Porvoo, Finland


Translation Work

Screenwriting Erased, a feature screenplay treatment. Click here for a sample.

Screenwriting Zero, a short screenplay, outline and statement of intent. Zero deals with similar themes as the later Erased and is an attempt to write with as little dialogue as possible. Click here for samples.

Screenwriting Article on the state of screenwriting, immigrant voices and Finnish cinema abroad for AVEK magazine (2005). Click here for the article (cited by the Finnish Film Foundation here).

Theatre Adaptations of Ingmar Bergman’s Persona and Steven Soderbergh’s Sex, lies and videotape cross-bred with Luigi Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author.

See the top of this page for details and samples.

Theatre The Mating Dance A one-act absurdist melodrama written for a Japanese messiah, Freud, death-row convict and three photographs. See above for play text.

Screenwriting/Theatre English National Opera Interactive - video treatment/ proposal for the ‘Lost Highway Behind the Scenes’ project based on the David Lynch film. Written with the documentarist Pentti Turunen. Click here for the treatment.

Theatre/video Tracing paper/Fragments, an experimental, game-like participatory performance text for live performance and four screens. Click here for concept and proposal.

Review Theatre de Complicite perform ‘Street of Crocodiles’ for a room of school children at the Queen’s Theatre, London. Click here for the Cub Magazine review.

Review Sankai Juku perform ‘Hibiki (Resonance from Far Away)’ at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London. Click here for review.

Articles for satirical fake news blog It’s All Lies (2005-6) on topics as varied as the new MTV dating series ‘Unlikely Match’, George. W. Bush on grammar and his ‘New Compassionism’, frozen concentrated orange juice panic on the stock market, Mother Teresa and Tom Jones and offspring miracles, Margaret Thatcher’s flirty side, the disappearance of legendary beat poet August Elliott (link) and Tori Amos’s piano files a very personal lawsuit (link here).


Reviews and articles

Screenwriting Dendrokronologia - a study for the opening scenes of an intercultural screenplay with contrasting characters from C17th and C20th. Click here for samples.

Subtitling Diving into the Unknown documentary

Juan Reina and Marc Hoeferlin, Monami Agency

Screenplay translation and subtitling Keys of Heaven (Paratiisin Avaimet) by Hamy Ramezan and Ilmari Aho

Translation of synopsis, screenplay drafts and subtitling of completed film, produced by For Real Productions. See portfolio.

Television series translation

Television series synopses for Love & Order (Myrskyn jälkeen)

by Leea Klemola and Kaarina Hazard, produced by Elokuvayhtiö Aamu.

Subtitling Criterion Collection/Subtext Subtitling - subtitling of Where is Musette?, the making of documentary for Aki Kaurismäki’s film La vie Boheme by Veikko Nieminen and Jarkko Vesteri

Subtitling YLF-vertalingen - subtitling the feature documentary ‘Vuosi 1952’ by Peter von Bagh for his tribute program at the Rotterdam Film Festival.

Subtitling synopses and press kit materials:

Kinotar - Six Day Run (Kuuden päivän juoksu) dir. Mika Taanila

For Real Productions - Alppikatu 25 dir. Marika Väisänen and Inka Achté

Subtitling Mete Sasioglu/Filmfly and Sons of Lumiere:

Various translation, subtitling and dramaturgy work
Salpa (Latch, proofing the dialogue list), Yhden miehen elokuva (One man’s movie, subtitling), Ikuliikkuja Tero Saarinen documentary trailer subtitling, translation of contracts and speaker scripts.

Finnish and English translation services are offered for film, TV and the theatre; for marketing and in particularly specialised fields, such as legal and technical translation.

Related services, such as subtitling, audio transcription, graphic and layout work and copywriting, are also offered. Clients can rest assured that their material is in the hands of an experienced professional who has personally written, directed, edited and translated similar material.

A suite of translation, research, graphic and video editing tools are available for tackling any technical issues (which tend to happen especially with video).

Subtitling Hannu Aukia/No-Office, short film ‘Helsinki-Turku’

Subtitling European Commission video subtitling for Semantis, Paris.

Subtitling Schnelluebersetzer GmbH - Mondi Lohja health & safety video transcription/translation

Film and Television

Film and photography Translation of two Canon-related books: Better Images with Canon Legria Camcorders and Better Images with Canon Lenses and Flashes by Jukka Kolari

Sample chapter translations from Chris Jones’s The Guerilla Film Maker’s Movie Blueprint book (two chapters available) and Paul Hardy’s Filming on a Microbudget (rough draft of whole book).


Translations for the stage include selections from the work of:

(click for samples)

Bernard Marie Koltes: Paluu Aavikolle (Return to the Desert)

Jose Rivera: Marisol
Maria Irene Fornes:
Mudassa (Mud)

Literary translation

Literary translation includes:

Holy Week (Piinaviikko) by Maritta Lintunen

Submission for the Finnish Institute’s fiction translation competition, 2009. Click here for sample.

Technical translation

Finnwind – contract, website, operational manual translations for wind and solar energy company.

Other end clients include: Garmin, Kavika, Saher, Cypress Wind, Abloy locks

See the home page for samples.

Legal and financial

Aalto University (Taik and HSE) - 120 page IP/copyright law guide for the creative arts; various press statements and documents.

The cities of Helsinki and Turku - contracts and other documents, e.g. tender documents.
The European Enterprise Awards.

Other end clients include: Finavia, Laurea, AstraZeneca, Valio, Maritime Transport & Harbor Services, The Finnish National Board of Customs, HSL, Talentum publishing house, The Centre for Occupational Safety occupational safety exams, Helsinki City Transport.

See the home page for samples.

Advertising & Marketing (incl. magazines)

Teekauppa Chaya – translations; photo and animation production for tea shop.

Games & Software
Kaspersky software HMTL user manual file translation GameStreamer - style guide and glossaries

Other end clients include: Triumph motorcycles, KONE, Konecranes, Arcada, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Brothers, KONE, The Finnish Tourist Board, T&A Mämmelä, Tikkurila, Comatec, Paloheimo, MEK, Kemira, Petsafe, Dräger medical and safety equipment, Music Television, Hotel Haikko Manor, Villa Kutuluoto, Levi Summit, Tracker GPS hunting accessories

See the home page for samples.

My desire to pursue acting has always been nil, however I value the below experiences for affording me another point of view to writing and directing.

Over the years, I have had the chance to observe and learn from many people while working in jobs outside the creative arts.

Edexcel, the examination board

Subject Co-ordinator/Leader (acting) – hired in this position after temping for a month. An incredible introduction to education, and the business behind education.

Responsible for 39 coursework units (ELC, GCSE and GCE), and the work of both Subject Co-ordinator and the managerial position of Subject Leader in the absence of a  such; for organising and running, with a team to delegate work to, of 20-30 training events for 200-300 Examiners; for liaising with senior management, public relations and senior examiners about results and dealing with a variety of operational issues.

Turku Vocational School for the Deaf, Finland

Civil national service at a secondary school for the deaf and hearing impaired as counsellor, night-watchman and general mr. fix-it while studying art history at Turku University. A real eye- opener to the world of sign language, the deaf and the hearing.

Riihimaki Signal Regiment

Finnish Armed Forces, Finland

Military national service in the Signal Regiment. A good  experience: did pretty well, learned Morse code, but grew disillusioned with the efficiency and motivation of the institution and the staff. Also, leaving the army for civil service just as you’re about to be sent to non-commissioned officer school, is a true lesson in group psychology.

Studio 123 cinema, Porvoo
A teenage job working as a projectionist at the local cinema.

Rose Bruford College

Library assistant, learning about the intricacies and developing an appreciation for the hard graft of library work.

Rose Bruford College

Marketing assistant

Experience and responsibilities in small, busy Marketing Dept. include bookings, taking committee minutes, liaison with theatres and agents, database maintenance and mail-outs.

Private English lessons

Summer job teaching English in Porvoo, Finland

Coffee Republic, St. Paul’s, London
Straight up barista work. An introduction to real coffee but also to the Starbucksification of the world. Additionally, an interesting boss character who enjoyed the prospect of yogis burning in hell (which actually sounds funnier than the sincerity of said boss).

Countless other temp jobs with their incredible cast of characters - truth is truly often stranger than fiction.

Experience using primary source material in several London archives including:

The British Library, Colindale Newspaper Library, London Metropolitan Archives, British Film Institute, Theatre Museum Covent Garden, Victoria and Albert Museum, Senate House Library collections, University of London, SSEES and SOAS collections, University of London, The British Museum.

Additional research work of interviewing authors, or in the case of the book translation 'Filming on a Microbudget', interviewing camera facility staff and production companies for production terminology not yet existent in Finnish.


Recipient of the Creademo grant in 2013 and 2014 from the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (AVEK) for Plasticine, the screenwriting book and tool.

In 2017, I received a Taike/Arts Promotion Centre grant as part of the Divine Consultants animated series team.

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Screenplay translation

Citizen B by Hamy Ramezan and The Gold Diggers by Auli Mantila - feature treatment and screenplay translations, produced by Elokuvayhtiö Aamu.

Script reading/editing for individual screenwriters and companies.

(in Finnish and English)

Current focus on Finnish companies with projects aimed at foreign co-production, companies with projects involving Finland as co-production partner or location, new writers and writers bridging the gap from theatre to film.


Article for Lehtiset magazine’s ‘Tämän haluaisin tehdä’ series on the film Delicatessen. Click here for the text.

Screenwriting Children of the Sun, five page synopsis/magic realist animation short.

Commercial A supernatural thriller teaser trailer for a stock company competition 


Commercial Commercial submission for the Finnish dog agility training company: 


Dmitry Tolonen


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